Nantucket Bay Scallop Information and History
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 • Preservation of Culture and History

The Nantucket bay scallop fleet - thought to be the last of its kind - is made up of island residents who use traditional harvesting techniques passed down from the mid-19th Century.  They are a vital, singular connection to our past - linking our present to the Nantucketer of our past who, to paraphrase Melville, "goes down to [the sea] in ships; to and fro ploughing it as his own special plantation."



 • Locally Sourced Food = Strong Economy

The bay scallop fishery continues to provide an important livelihood for islanders and supports a diversified economic base which makes Nantucket - not just a great summer destination - but a vital year-round community.  The growing misrepresentation in the seafood business today threatens this livelihood by flooding the market with inferior product while trading on Nantucket's name and reputation.



 • Environmental Responsibility

Sustaining a healthy bay scallop fishery means Nantucket maintains a healthy water environment.  Clean waters and healthy sea life benefits everyone who spends time on our shores.  Were the shellfish in our waters to disappear through over harvesting or pollution, Nantucket's uniqueness - and our emotional investment in this island - would be diminished.



 • Flavor and Quality

Bay scallops from Nantucket are the absolute best you will taste!  Settle for nothing less!

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