Nantucket Bay Scallop Information and History

To preserve and protect its shellfish population, the Town of Nantucket is proactive in working to maintain the highest possible standards through:



• Strict management of local waterways and estuaries

• Balancing recreational boating and protection of natural shellfish habitats

• Adaptive catch regulations

• Seasonal limitations

• Strictly enforced daily harvest limits

• Adherence to harvesting temperature regulations

• Prohibition on harvest and possession of seed scallops

• Dredging equipment regulations to assure minimum disturbance of sea beds

• Support of emergency measures to save and return to the water scallops washed ashore during major storms



• Funding Town of Nantucket shellfish biologists’ efforts to boost scallop populations through propagation



• On-going data collection of the scallop population and harvesting


Red flag flown when it is too cold to fish for Nantucket Bay Scallops

A red flag is raised to alert scallopers that it is too cold to fish.

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