Nantucket Bay Scallop Information and History


The Nantucket Shellfish Association works to promote and support Nantucket's fisheries through education, research, and policy.  Below are some of the current initiatives:


Fishery Support

Ongoing  financial support of the Town'  shellfish propagation project.

In 2016, $10,000 was committed to install efficient LED grow lights in the newly renovated Shellfish Hatchery.


Trademarking and branding of the logo “Nantucket Bay Scallops®”.


Committing over $10,000 in annual  financial support for research on shellfish, water quality, and biodiversity,  Learn about current and past research.


Advocating for adaptive management for the fisheries and lends support  in town meetings to progressive and well reasoned initiatives brought forward by fishermen.


Head sponsor of the Shellfish Management Plan, adopted by the Town of Nantucket in March, 2013.


Designing, publishing, and distributing informational fliers on issues affecting the harbor and shellfish.  Download the new Boater's Guide.


Helped publish the Harbor Research book. Download a copy here or read it on line at the Maria Mitchell Association site.


Funding for marine science internships in the Town's Marine Department and the Maria Mitchell Association.


Funding for student scholarships in Marine Science.  Has supported three undergraduate students and two graduate students.

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