order fresh scallops

Here is a randomly generated list of suppliers (retailers and wholesalers) who can ship fresh scallops to you. Choose your favorite fishmonger from this list or choose one at random. But be aware that weather conditions may impact supply. Scallopers may not fish when weather conditions make it unsafe. And scallopers are not allowed to fish on Mondays and Tuesdays or when the air temperature drops below freezing — this is so scallops remain viable up until the time they are opened.


Glidden’s Island Seafood
Nantucket Bay Scallop Company
Nantucket Bay Scallop Trading Company
Nantucket Seafoods (Web site is down — call (508) 325-6345)
Sayle’s Seafood
Sousa’s Seafood (Facebook or call  (508) 228-9140)