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Nantucket Bay Scallops
Nantucket Bay Scallops

"These scallops [Nantucket Bay Scallops] are the sweetest and delicate scallops in the world."

                  --Thomas Minchella


(Executive Chef, McKendrick’s Steak House in Atlanta, Ga.)

"They [Nantucket Scallops] are, in our opinion, the tastiest scallops of all – so tasty, in fact, that we eat them raw right out of the bucket."

                   --Leslie Barnes


Owner & Chef - London Lennies, Reo Park, NY

"We love these super-special, super-fleeting little scallops straight from the waters of Nantucket Bay—and we love to offer them to our guests at Michael’s New York for the precious few weeks they are available"

                 --The Michael’s Restaurant Blog


(Chef - Michael’s, New York)

Chef's Praise Them

"Many claim these tiny scallops to be the best in the world and I think Ryan and I are inclined to agree. Even raw, they have a clear, sweet taste that just hints of the sea. Not overwhelming, not fishy, just purely blissful."

            --Smith and Ratcliff

"Nantucket Bay scallops, hailing from Massachusetts, are the black truffle of the seafood world."

          --Kimberly Bell - Food Maven

Not all scallops are alike. The Nantucket Bay scallop is smaller and more tender than most other types of sea scallops, with a velvety texture. They are usually more costly than sea scallops but the flavor is rich and you don't need as large a portion to have a satisfying meal.

Because their flavor is so fresh and delicate, they're best cooked simply and quick.

           --East Chester Fish Gourmet

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