Nantucket Bay Scallop Information and History
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The commercial season for harvesting and selling fresh Bay Scallops from Nantucket begins November 1st and continues through the end of March.  This schedule begins one month later than the commercial harvesting of other northern bay scallops - honoring Nantucket's longstanding tradition of family scalloping by non-commercial residents during the month of October.

Fraudulent Nantucket bay scallops?

There are many examples of fraudulent seafood sales!  What you order may not always be what you actually get.


How can you make sure you are eating authentic Nantucket Bay Scallops and help protect the Nantucket bay scallop commercial fishery?  Know when Nantucket bay scallops are in season and look for the Registered Service Mark!

"Nantucket's [ bay scallop] fishery is far more than a business.  It is a direct thread to its past."


Excerpt from Scallop Season Jim Patrick, author.  Many photos below by co-author/photographer, Robert Benchley


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