Nantucket Bay Scallop Information and History
Nantucket Bay Scallop logo

“An integral part of Nantucket’s rich heritage, the bay scallop fishery continues to provide an important livelihood for islanders. With competition from the farm-raised scallop industry abroad and significant misrepresentation in the seafood business, we felt compelled to act on the fishery’s behalf.  Bay scallops leaving the island will include branded shellfish tags and packing stickers.  Island retailers and shippers will also have brochures and retail tags to use in promoting the product.  We believe consumers will appreciate knowing that if they want authentic bay scallops from Nantucket, they should look for the Nantucket Bay Scallops logo."


--Daniel Drake, President of the Nantucket Shellfish Association



The Nantucket Shellfish Association, in keeping with its mission to preserve, promote and enhance Nantucket’s shellfisheries, has trademarked the Nantucket Bay Scallop.  This step was taken to protect the integrity of the fishery and reduce fraudulent sales.



The Trademark:

Look for this logo and Ask for Authentic!

ice pick for fish markets
Ice stick for fish markets

These labels should be in any fish market that sells authentic Nantucket Bay Scallops.

Packing stickers for Nantucket Bay Scallops

Scallops shipped from Nantucket have special tags and stickers to indicate authenticity.

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